Guidelines for Challengers

Please be aware that you take part in the event at your own risk and agree to abide by the rules of the event. You need to be fit enough to take part and have no medical conditions that could endanger yourselves or others. The route covers various terrains including rough, muddy or slippery ground, stiles etc. Please be aware of the potential risk of injury. We reserve the right to refuse entry if we think you could not participate safely.

Car Parking: Please DO NOT PARK ON THE STREETS. We are a small village with narrow roads and we have a bus service. In recent years some people have parked on the streets which has caused the bus to stop running and has prevented our villagers, many of them elderly, from reaching the shops. Please ONLY PARK IN THE DESIGNATED CAR PARK, which is well signposted. Marshals are on hand to assist you and contingency plans are in place to get you on to the road in case of adverse weather.

Registration will open in the Memorial Hall at Green Lane, Seagrave, LE12 7LU at 07:30am and will close at 08:30. On arrival please check the registration board in the entrance for your start number, then proceed to the appropriate desk (all marked in number groups) to sign on and collect your timekeeping device.

Briefing: For all Challengers will take place at 08:45 outside the main entrance. Please attend as this briefing will contain essential information about the day. As this year’s event will be on remembrance day itself, We plan to show our respect with a minutes silence before the start

The Challenge: This will start at 09:00 with the runners at the front. Everyone must be back by 4:30pm. If you are injured or need to retire, please go (or ask someone to go) to one of the several checkpoints or marshalled crossing points where transport back to the Hall or first aid can be arranged. Regardless of whether or not you complete the course, please check in at the Hall so we know you are back safe and not still out there on your own.

Take particular care for your own safety at road crossings. There will be marshals at certain points, but they are there to warn you of traffic, they are not allowed to stop traffic. YOU MUST OBEY INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE MARSHALS AT RAIL AND ROAD CROSSINGS.

Please follow the Countryside Code (ie don’t drop litter, keep dogs on a lead, follow the route markers, don’t walk on or damage farm crops). Please note that several sections of the route are on private land and should not be used at times other than this event.

Food & Drinks: Plenty hot drinks, water, cobs and cakes will be available at the start, at points along the route and, of course, at the finish when our famous home-made crumble & custard will be served.

People: Remember that this is a friendly event in aid of our charities and is a major annual social occasion for the people of Seagrave, who give up their time (and cooking skills) for your enjoyment. Please treat all our volunteers with respect throughout the Challenge.

Photos: The organizers may take and publish photographs of the event. In participating, we assume that you are happy for this to take place.

Seagrave Wolds Challenge
Seagrave Wolds Challenge